Unravel an Industry-focused, Enriching and Flexible Learning Environment that Facilitates Customized Teaching Approaches and Results-oriented Training Strategies

People in skilled trades are rewarded for their efforts with good pay. In fact, as an apprentice, you can start making money right away because you ‘earn while you learn’.

The best part, though, is that as a tradesperson you get paid well-doing work you enjoy.

With many skilled trades available to consider, Australian Skills and Training Academy offers opportunities that suit almost any interest.
As an apprentice, you participate in a post-secondary education like no other. By combining on-the-job training and in-school learning, apprentices get the best of both worlds.
You attain certification that comes with real-world experience, providing the skills to work virtually anywhere in the world.





Skilled tradespeople are in high demand all across the world. As the baby-boom generation retires, this demand is only going to increase further on.

Thus, learning the right skills through world-class education and experienced instructors is not only a powerful necessity, but an empowering process that manifests its unique benefits throughout your trades career.


Skilled Trades Play an Important Role in Our Economy and Society

The skilled trades sector has an all-encompassing reach. It covers almost every aspect of our lives.

From the very homes we live in, to the cars we drive, to the food we eat. A country depends on the work of skilled trades and needs skilled tradespeople to keep the social dynamic intact and keep communities thriving.

Skills to last you a lifetime!

Please refer to the below list of courses that we at Australian Skills and Training Academy are currently offering in the area of Trades Training: