International Students

International students are those students in Australia on a student visa. Students on a student visa can only study/undertake any training by a CRICOS (Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students) registered RTO.

ASTA is not CRICOS registered.

Offshore students

Offshore students are those students from another country who participate in training through an RTO in Australia to gain an Australian qualification/certification. These students are not in Australia. ASTA can deliver training and/or assessment to offshore students. Courses offered online are appropriate for offshore students, and RPL can be done for offshore students also.

Students in Australia on a Visa?

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection through the conditions on each type of visa, state if study can be done and the amount of study. ASTA must check these conditions before we can enrol anyone on a visa. Generally, short courses such as white card can be completed, however qualifications cannot. You will have to enquire with us to see what is possible for you and your circumstances.

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