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CPCCCM2010B: Work safely at heights

The course CPCCCM2010B outlines the requirements to work safely on construction sites where the work activity involves working above 1.5 metres from ground level and where fall protection measures are required.

Construction work is undertaken on domestic and commercial work sites within new construction, renovation or refurbishment, and maintenance.

Entry Requirements

Students will need to provide upon enrolment a colour copy of:

  • White card
  • Photo ID (drivers licence, passport, etc.)
Why do this course?

Over the past three years more than 13,000 workers were injured after falling from a height at NSW workplaces. Nineteen died and more than 200 were permanently disabled.

These incidents largely happen in the construction, manufacturing, telecommunications, transport, agriculture and forestry industries.

Working at heights is very common in construction, therefore being trained how to perform your required tasks safely is crucial. Having this training will demonstrate to a perspective employer that your equipped with the knowledge of working at height which will reduce the chance of workplace injury.

Course Requirements

This course includes both theory and practical training and assessment tasks. Students are required to bring their own PPE as required for working in construction.

  • Safely and effectively use tools, plant and equipment
  • Communicate and work effectively and safely with others
  • Select and use appropriate height access and fall protection equipment and work methods
  • Inspecting fall protection equipment, scaffold and fall barriers for faults
  • Manual handling risks
  • Types of lifting and support structures approved for use
  • Modify work activities to cater for variations in work site procedures
  • Use appropriate behaviour for safe work at heights
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Delivery Methods

Students can obtain this qualification by either:

  • Face to Face.
Fees and Funding

There is currently no funding available for this course. The fees for this program are $199.


Upon successful completion of this course, students will be issued with a Statement of Attainment for CPCCCM2010B Work safely at heights.

How to Enrol to this course

All enquiries and applications to this course are welcome any time of the year. To apply please make an official enquiry by going through our enquiries page with the link below, alternatively you can call us.

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