The Power of Knowledge Made Easy!

Discover how you can gain employment focused knowledge and training in skilled trades, business, community, health and more – with consistency, results and successful career paths, like never before!

Learning the correct skills through expert training and professionally qualified instructors is not only a life-altering experience but a journey throughout your life that showcases its benefits in every step of your career.

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What If You Could Conquer All Your Fears Through The Right Direction – Proven to Maximise Your Potential?

  •  Lack of self-confidence?
  •  Inability to retain information?
  •  Irregular consistency?
  •  No access to credible and proven skills training programs?
  • Getting started and maintaining progress difficult?
  • Losing focus and not following through?
  • Lack of accountability and performance measurement?
  • No self-discipline?
  • Problems in applying learned knowledge towards career path?
  • Dissatisfaction with past teachers and programs due to their lack of ability, depth, practicality or qualifications?
  • Feeling lost and discouraged?

…….and many other problems that career-ambitious people just like you from around the world continuously face on a daily basis – without solution!

Introducing – The Australian Skills and Training Academy

Sustainable Employment is Easy -- If the Necessary Skills and Training are Embraced the Right Way!

The Australian Skills and Training Academy  is specifically designed to provide individuals, students, professionals, entrepreneurs and career-minded people with the best most proactive training, assessment and educational programs on the market through dynamic courses spanning various industries.


No More Barriers to Your Relationship with Empowering Education and Excelling Employment

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Starting my Career in Counselling has been a delight with Australian Skills & Training Academy. They are definitely your go to training college if you aim to pursue a career which you will love. Thanks to the amazing educators I have now been able to get industry recognised qualifications to help many individuals whilst carrying out a job I am passionate about.
CHC51015 Diploma of Counselling Graduate

Through an industry-focused, qualified and flexible learning environment, we aspire to provide our valued clients with customized teaching methods and revolutionary training strategies in all our course offerings.

Our goal-oriented philosophy goes above the academic norm, exceeds industry thresholds and strives to provide students with tangibly effective learning in the courses they choose to take for positive career progression.

Please refer below for a list of all our current course offerings

How to Enrol to These Courses

All enquiries and applications to this course are welcome any time of the year. To apply please make an official enquiry by going through our enquiries page with the link below, alternatively you can call us.

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