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Builders CPD (Continuous Professional Development)

This course is designed to provide licensed builders with their annual CPD points in full or in part.

The course covers the National Construction Code (NCC) and gives the builder a better understanding of their requirements, and shows how to interpret the NCC.

Licensed builders are required to maintain 12 CPD points each year. Completion of the full course will give builders 12 CPD points. Completion of individual modules will yield 1 CPD point each.

Entry Requirements

All students will be required to provide the following at enrolment:

  • Photo ID

Students must:

  • Be at least 18 years of age
Course Requirements

The course with teach students how to:

  • How to use the National Construction Code
  • The building regulatory framework
  • Performance requirements of the NCC
  • Understanding the BCA (Residential buildings)
  • Understanding the BCA (Commercial buildings)
  • Understanding the NCC (Plumbing)
  • Energy efficiency in residential buildings
  • Energy efficiency in commercial buildings
  • Disability access in commercial buildings
Delivery Methods

Students can complete this program by:

  • Online

This program is self-paced. If you are doing a little each day, it would be expected that you could complete this course within a week.

Fees and Funding

The fees for the full program are $300. Individual modules can be completed for $49 each.


Upon successful completion of the program, students will be issued with the following:

  • Certificate
  • CPD letter

How to Enrol to this course

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All enquiries and applications to this course are welcome any time of the year. To apply please make an official enquiry by going through our enquiries page with the link below, alternatively you can call us.