All our Apprenticeship Programs are delivered on the job/workplace based. Traineeships at the Australian Skills and Training Academy are delivered online.

Apprenticeships that Australian Skills and Training Academy offer funded training for are:

  • Carpentry
  • Bricklaying
  • Formwork/Falsework
  • Wall and Floor Tiling

Traineeships that Australian Skills and Training Academy offer funded training for are:

  • Building and Construction (Building)

Government funding is available for the formal training component of apprenticeships and most traineeships. Under Smart and Skilled, all apprenticeships and most traineeship qualifications are subsidised. Training for existing-worker traineeships is not subsidised.

Under Smart and Skilled, NSW apprentices and new-entrant trainees or their employers pay a fee for the qualification rather than paying yearly or by semester. They may still pay in instalments over a number of years, but the fee is an amount for the qualification, fixed at the time the apprentice or trainee commences.

Australian Apprenticeship Support Network

Apprenticeship Network providers will provide advice and support services tailored to the needs of employers and apprentices throughout the apprenticeship lifecycle – from pre-commencement to completion – through:

  • Universal services for all employers and apprentices, providing essential administrative support, payment processing and regular contact; and
  • Targeted services for employers and individuals assessed as needing additional support to complete the apprenticeship.

New pre-commencement services including screening, testing and job-matching will be available to targeted clients to get the right apprentice in the right apprenticeship with the right employer.

New targeted in-training support services, such as mentoring, will help apprentices and employers at-risk of not completing the apprenticeship arrangement to work through issues and difficulties.

Apprenticeship Network providers can also provide assistance to individuals who may be unsuited to an apprenticeship to identify alternative training pathways.

Information to Employers

Australian Apprentices are paid a wage which varies depending on a number of factors including which year of their training they are in, the type of Australian Apprenticeship they are doing and the industry or occupation. An Australian Apprentice can be a student or school-leaver, a person re-entering the workforce or an adult worker simply wishing to change careers.

Combining time at work with training, they can be either full-time, part-time or school-based. In hiring an Australian Apprentice, you can negotiate off-the-job training components around timing, location and the nature of the training to meet your business needs. You can also engage an Australian Apprentice part-time while he or she is still at school through an Australian School-based Apprenticeship. Mature-aged and adult Australian Apprentices re-entering the workforce or making a career change can bring a wide range of life and workplace skills and experience to your business.

Employers hiring Australian Apprentices may be eligible to receive incentive payments under the Australian Apprenticeships Incentives Program. Incentives are subject to eligibility criteria, waiting periods and time limits being met. Your Apprenticeship Network provider will assess your eligibility for incentives.

Incentives payments are made when Australian Apprentices commence, recommence and complete their training. Tens of thousands of employers of Australian Apprentices receive incentives payments from the Australian Government every year.

Depending on the Australian Apprenticeship undertaken, you or your Australian Apprentice may be eligible to apply for one or more of the following additional forms of support, subject to meeting certain eligibility criteria.

Support for Adult Australian Apprentices – Australian Government financial support is available for adult workers (aged 25 years or over) to upgrade their skills through an Australian Apprenticeship at the Certificate III or IV level in an occupation listed on the National Skills Needs List. The payment is made to the employer depending on the actual wage paid to the Australian Apprentice.

Exemption from worker compensation premiums 

Employers receive exemptions from workers compensation premiums for their apprentices. To be eligible for the apprentice premium exemption you must have a valid workers compensation policy and have entered into an approved training contract with the apprentice in a designated trade vocation.

Payroll tax rebates  

Revenue (OSR) for employers of apprentices and new entrant trainees. The rebate is offset against monthly payroll tax payments. OSR provides this offset facility through their monthly calculator online service.

Assistance to Apprentices

Living Away From Home Allowance

Australian Apprentices may be eligible for up to twelve months of Living Away From Home Allowance at the first year rate of $77.17 per week, a further twelve months assistance at the second year rate of $38.59 per week, and a further twelve months assistance at the third year rate of $25 per week.

Trade Support Loans

Eligible Australian Apprentices will have access to loans totalling up to $20,000 over the course of their apprenticeship to assist with the costs of undertaking an apprenticeship.

Youth Allowance, Austudy or ABSTUDY

Australian Apprentices may also be eligible to access fortnightly payments delivered by Centrelink:

  • Youth Allowance for Australian Apprentices aged 16-24;
  • Austudy for Australian Apprentices aged 25 and over;
  • ABSTUDY for Australian Apprentices of any age and who are Indigenous Australians
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