6 Crucial Employability Skills for Builders and Managers in the Construction Industry

Whether you’re an aspiring construction industry worker or seasoned professional managing others, your abilities can’t speak for themselves. Their quality, however, does!

Great companies and professionals are built on the visionary foresight of those who dare enough to dream big while capturing their aspirations in the focal lens of their hearts. Showcased to the world – one milestone at a time.

But milestones can’t be achieved if your skills do not measure up to an employer’s  level of expectations. Expectations fulfilled, result in satisfaction delivered. And satisfaction is the name of the game in the world of Building and Construction.

Below we list 6 necessary, fundamental and most critical employability skills that Builders and Managers should be aware of throughout the lifecycle of their careers in the Building and Construction industry:

Problem Solving

Problem solving is one of the foremost and key skills that determine viable employability within the Building and Construction field. Effective, professional, able and results-oriented builders or managers are in essence strong problem solvers.

They are able to:

  • Assess structural integrity of residential and commercial low rise buildings
  • Examine tools and equipment prior to use for damage, missing components or other defects.
  • Analyse rejected building applications and determines the likely success of an appeal or a resubmission
  • Respond effectively to hazards, risks and emergencies
  • Deals with customer complaints and disputes effectively
  • Devises approaches, implements and reflects on environmental and water, energy and resource efficiency management policies and procedures relevant to work site

Planning and Organising

 A successful builder or manager will be an individual that places firm emphasis on planning and organising in a responsible and proactive manner.

     A true professional worth their salt would:

  • Plan and coordinate various work operations
  • Prepare project schedules
  • Participate in effective implementation of organisation’s operational plans
  • Plan and organise on-site activities and implement procedures associated with building and construction work
  • Collect, analyse and organise workplace information and data
  • Plan and organise inspections
  • Organise testing of construction materials to ensure suitability


Building and Construction is a field that demands working in harmony with others.

It takes every drop to make an ocean, and hence a qualified professional in this field must be able to adapt to circumstances – whether it be working individually or in a dynamic and demanding fast paced team environment.

A great team player would:

  • Conduct briefings with team members
  • Coordinate a range of team members and activities
  • Keep team informed of work practices, quality requirements and required actions
  • Relate positively to fellow workers and the management team
  • Relate to people from diverse social, cultural and ethnic backgrounds and with varying physical and mental abilities
  • Seek expert advice where appropriate
  • Supervise and checks others’ work, monitor work processes and ensure safe work practices


“Knowledge is power. Regardless of one’s skill-set, academia, prior work experience or natural talents, a successful and passionate builder or manager in the construction field will always be open to learning.

He or she would:

  • Be open to new ideas and techniques
  • Seek feedback on personal performance
  • Use information effectively to improve work performance
  • Learn from colleagues as part of effective teamwork


You can’t manage work, problems, solutions, productivity or results – if you can’t manage your own self as an individual and a professional!  Managing oneself is a crucial employability skill that can set you apart from all the rest.

An able individual that self-manages oneself successfully will:

  • Manage own performance to ensure required levels of service standards, work quality and professional competence
  • Manage work priorities and professional development
  • Use feedback to improve own performance
  • Organise and complete daily work activities


Communication is a vital skill that is required in every facet and realm of the Building and Construction field. Strong communicators excel because they are able to connect with others on a humanistic level – devoid of barriers.

  • A builder or manager with great communication skills will:
  • Communicate work health and safety (WHS) policies and procedures
  • Participate in ensuring compliance with standards, regulations and policies
  • Communicate effectively with a range of relevant parties through a range of media
  • Interpret a range of complex and technical documents, including relevant regulatory, legislative and licensing requirements, codes and standards, plans, drawings and specifications, schedules, site files, contracts, orders, development approvals and organisational policies and procedures
  • Analyse and evaluate reports and reference materials
  • Understand relevant definitions, terminology, symbols and language
  • Maintain and checks logs, records and documents
  • Prepare a range of documents, including construction contracts, plans, sketches and drawings and specifications, reports, tenders, schedules, building applications and submissions and file notes

Conclusively, being a successful Builder or Manager in the Building and Construction industry isn’t simply about facilitating the necessary needs and requirements on-site at the work-place, it is infact knowing how to manage people and manage oneself. Consistently and effectively! It is what sets you apart from the herd. It is what makes your worth, value proposition and overall depth as a Building and Construction professional speak volumes for itself!

6 Crucial Employability Skills for Builders and Managers in the Construction Industry

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